Popeye #3

Posted on 05 July 2012 by Admin

Check out Popeyes latest adventure in IDW comics!

IDW - Popeye #3Writer: Roger Langridge
Artist/Colors/Letters: Tom Neely
Publisher: IDW

Well, it’s time to crack open the spinach cans because Popeye is back in business. The awesome sailor we fell in love with in the comic strips and on TV makes his return in his own ongoing comic series. I have to thank IDW first and foremost for bringing such a beloved and classic character back into existence. Three issues in already, Popeye engages in new and exciting adventures and challenges, with more coming down the line.

So, it looks like Popeye’s old chum, Wimpy, got himself into a hot one! Angry with Wimpy for lying and taking his hamburger, Mr. Geezil decides to put Wimpy up in a boxing match against a undefeated contender, ‘The Phantom Crusher’. How will Wimpy match up this formidable foe? And who is this so-called Phantom Crusher? What part will Popeye play in all this? Dive in to find out the outcome as well see an appearance from Popeye’ old nemesis, Bluto! I recommend this truly to all Popeye fans everywhere.

Rating: 3 ½ / 5