Nolan+Bale Return in Justice League?

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

The buzz on Nolan and Bale coming back for DC’s biggest project!

This past Sunday night, some of the strangest news hit the web. Via the famed El Mayimbe of Latino Review came the information that Christopher Nolan would not only helm Warner Bros’ DC Comics films, specifically Justice League but that he would also bring Christian Bale back as Batman. This is perhaps the biggest news out of DC Entertainment since the announcement of Christopher Nolan’s return to the Batman franchise for The Dark Knight Rises.

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After the news hit this past week, all the media outlets were reporting on it. From traditional comic book media to entertainment sites, the net was swarming over the possibility of Nolan’s return to the franchise with David S. Goyer penning the script, Zack Snyder directing, and Bale’s aforementioned return in the lead role –Though none of the information has been confirmed, El Mayimbe has a reputation for breaking scoops like this. Batman on Film’s Bill Ramey confirmed that he too knew about this, which adds more credibility to the information being true. While it is likely true, the implications it has on the trilogy and the future of Warner Bros. are not yet known.

Warner Bros. likely did this for business purposes. As Mayimbe proposes with Disney capturing Star Wars and Marvel, there are two big tent pole franchises for the studio to compete with. Bringing back Mr. Nolan who has delivered on every occasion for them from Batman Begins to Inception to The Dark Knight Rises, he hasn’t misfired, as far as they are concerned. Nolan has delivered in the billion of dollars, and his ability to deliver on a financial level has certainly served his reputation amongst them, but there is more too it than that.

The company itself knows Nolan is popular with the fan base. Popular might be an understatement given there is a following on Facebook for his Batman films entitled: “Official ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ community”. While not as Official as it claims, it is however, still the most recent proof of his popularity, beyond the recent incidents with film critics over the summer. To refresh memories and inform others, users on Rotten Tomatoes complained and in some cases threatened critics over their harsh reviews of his latest Batman film (they were in the minority). The director has gained quite a following amongst Batman fans and cinema fans alike but the studio knows they can use that to their advantage to win over the base with his Batman experience.

But how can the Bat return if he SPOILER ALERT “died” at the end of Nolan’s trilogy? At the end of the latest film, Bruce Wayne gave up being Batman, and seemed to be over his parents’ deaths. Never in the history of the Batman franchise (comics, films or television) has this been attempted, and with such success it was for its first run. He departed. Off to Italy with Selina Kyle, his likely bride, with this sight being confirmed to the audience through the eyes of his ex-butler Alfred Pennyworth. The cowl of the Bat was left to the son he never had named John Blake, an ex-detective from the major crimes division on the Gotham City Police Force, fed up with the inability to tell the truth of who sacrificed their life for the sake of the city. With that all said, the question remains: What needs to happen to Bruce Wayne in order to bring him back?

That question has yet to be answered as the possible news only just broke out from beyond the control of Warner Bros Public Relations. The most likely way I see Wayne coming back is an emotional one. To avenge the sense of injustice he feels, instilled in him by the death of his parents. This would not contradict anything prior. Another popular rumour is that the Bat returns after the death of Blake, which I don’t think is likely. A more likely scenario takes place in the comics; There are two Bat-men, similar to Grant Morrison’s run in Batman and Robin and Batman Incorporated specifically. Before the New 52 reboot, there was Dick Grayson who was going to be the Batman of Gotham for the foreseeable future with Bruce Wayne taking on the role of Batman around the world. I see this as the most likely possibility in the franchise continuing. Wayne cannot simply exit the responsibility he has to the people of the world which his parents’ deaths confirmed for him. While this is only one scenario, it is a likely possibility where someone like Superman would remind him of this in his retirement.

From what I have read, there is an apparent announcement coming soon however, I am still eagerly anticipating more to this story as it breaks. In the meantime, we have only to speculate, and that’s what this merely is: speculation.