No C2E2 for DC Comics?

Posted on 19 March 2013 by Admin

Why one of the ‘Big Two’ won’t be attending this convention… is a complete mystery. But judging by the list of current ‘featured’ DC Comics creators, C2E2 doesn’t rank high on their list of priorities this year.

C2E2 has been described to me as the convention where all the big names such as Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, come to greet fans. C2E2 is both big and small and there are not as many people as one would find at San Diego and New York conventions, which gives DC a great opportunity to connect with their readers.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for 2013.

DC Comics doesn’t seem to have any of their big players there this year, which is something one would normally expect, especially since last year’s appearance were so well rounded!

Names like Jimmy Palmiotti and Kyle Higgins are present but their big hitters like Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns are strangely absent from the list.

On the 2011 list of guests, Geoff Johns was not on the list but did end up attending.

When I spoke to DC Comics however, they placed any notion of a surprise visit in doubt.

“You can check out the guest list on their site,” said executive director of publicity Alex Segura.

It does not seem DC has anything big planned for C2E2 unfortunately, and furthermore, they don’t seem focused on letting loose any surprise announcements for their company at the Chicago convention.

Time may tell differently but with little over a month before C2E2, it doesn’t seem as though this convention is making DC’s cut of ‘important’ cons.

Oddly enough, DC did have a lot of representation at Emerald City Comic Con a few weeks back. Maybe the winds are changing. But that’s just a thought…

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