Detroit Comics’ Nerdy Book Club – The Death Ray (Photos)

Posted on 26 March 2012 by Admin

G.I. Jolie and Mike-El made a trip to Detroit Comics in Ferndale, MI for their monthly ‘Nerdy Book Club’ meeting…

Surprisingly the crowd was as mixed, albeit less ‘at-each-others-throats’, as we were on the review of last month’s pick, Afrodisiac (J. Rugg)

While the Syndicate is definitely Team Clowes (at least Jolie is) this book scored some not so good 3/10’s and 5/10’s from the more discerning readership of the group.

Here’s some photos of the group mid-discussion. Minus the fight club that ensued.


What did you think of The Death Ray? Post a comment below. #DoubleDogDare



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