Motor City Comic Con 2015 (Even more photos…)

Posted on 20 May 2015 by GI Jolie

Experiencing a new side of the Con with Bex Luthor at my side …

While compiling clips for a video highlight reel of the convention, I could not help but notice that we were getting stopped every 5 feet for photos.

I was standing there holding Becca’s purse and all of my equipment when something happened that I did not expect; I was really enjoying it. Like, a lot. I was there to work, but I became even more immersed in the spirit of the convention from a Cosplayer’s perspective and most importantly, the fan’s perspective! Don’t get me wrong, I usually try to interact with Con-goers as much as possible, but only those in costumes, and only to ask for a photo.

I got to see how happy Becca made people, and how Cosplayers enrich the experience of those attending a Con on a whole. It really shook up some thoughts in my brain about the subculture in generally, and I’m glad. Next time cosplayers get in my way in the middle of an aisle, I’m going to be less grouchy and just go with it!

Here are all the happy photos from my Motor City Comic Con adventure with Becca, aka Bex Luthor. I’ll hold your purse anytime!

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