Midtown Halloween Bazaar

Posted on 25 October 2011 by GI Jolie

Mike-El and G.I. Jolie get all dressed up and head over to the 1st Annual Midtown Halloween Bazaar.

We met a lot of witches and Caped Crusaders, even a little toddler-sized Flash! We handed out lots of candy treats to all of the trick or treaters and spread the joy of comics throughout the land. Well, if not the land then the greater downtown Windsor area. 😀

Here is a gallery of photos so you can see all the fun:

Thanks to Rino Bartolin and all the inhabitants at The House responsible for making this event a great success. We can’t wait to get dressed up again next year!

Originally posted on October 25, 2011.

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Jolie is a Co-Producer of the Comic Book Syndicate. She is also the Photographer, Graphic Designer, Set Director, and Webmaster. She loves comic books and her two cats. She puts cilantro on everything.



  • Just found your blog. I was an old Cap fan from back in the day, and have just started gtietng back into comics lately. I’ve been thinking of reacquaiting myself with the Cap title, especially after seeing some of your great work (I think the cover of #4 is outstanding).I’m also in the Toronto area, so perhaps I’ll try and slide by to my very first Con.