METALLICALUS visits Detroit Comics!

Posted on 08 December 2013 by Mike-EL

The “Main Man” is out for free whiskey and good cheer!

From Metalliclaus himself:

“That’s right! I return for free whiskey and to be pissed on by little kids….I mean, make money for the kids at Childrens Hospital Foundation of Michigan! You got it, “The Main Man” Metalliclaus!!

On Saturday December 7th from 12pm to 5pm have a hellova time bringing in the Christmas season with Metalliclaus the truly badass Santa while trying to raise money for sick kids in the Hospital during the Holidays.
Detroit Comics will have food and refreshment, along with giveaways, prizes, Jameson Ice Cream, Gummy Super Soldiers, Ukelele sing-alongs, Metal and Soul Christmas music, and don’t forget: plenty of attitude!

Also Metalliclaus is emceeing a new trivia game show thingie he haphazardly threw together to hopefully get your charitable bones loosened called “Bang Your Head”. It is a Jeopardy style prize game that he has centered around all his favorite things: Metal, Whiskey, and Comics! Hopefully it is not too much of a trainwreck, but that’s what we love about him!”

Check out this photo gallery from Metalliclaus’ visit!

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