Man of Steel (movie review)

Posted on 14 June 2013 by Mike-EL

The Superman movie franchise is rebooted for the modern era and the Syndicate are the first in line to see it.



  • Marc

    Ok but Mike, but in this universe this was Supermans first real challenge in his life, and he was raised by humans. Don’t you think by having him kill Zod at the end it was a good way of showing his human side? I thought it was great that they made him imperfect.

    • @Marc. I totally agree with you, as this was actually a comment that I made that was cut from this review. That by killing Zod, like Spock, shows what kind of a man he’s become having been raised on Earth. As they are BOTH invulnerable we would have had to sit through 20 more minutes of fight scenes and destruction KNOWING that eventually one would HAVE to kill the other. They could have deleted the scene and banished Zod to the phantom zone, but thinking on this point now… I would rather keep this ending, knowing that Clark/Superman must live with the choice he made. He killed the ONLY Kryptonian left (that he knew of) to save the human race.

      I have no PROBLEM with Lois knowing his secret identity. In fact, this scenario makes WAY more sense to me. Clark’s ability to hide his true identity with just a pair of glasses is something I’ve never been able to truly suspend my disbelief for. Also, the love triangle between Superman, Clark, and Lois is gone, yes… but the challenge is still there –he can still NEVER be with Lois. Instead of dwelling on the retelling of an age old story that many are familiar with, Nolan and Snyder have given the masses a reboot that I feel IS in the spirit of Superman and an accurate reflection of a hero that we can look up to, today.

    • Michael Poirier

      But in every universe Superman was raised by humans.
      If the first time Superman has a tough choice to make he choses MURDER, than he’s no better than you or I. And he’s not Superman.

  • Upham


    I believe this was the first of three movies, and a good way to show his origins and how he will develop into the Superman everyone knows. This movie will have it’s fingerprints all over the other two. The Phantom Zone was closed, and Superman was struggling to hold Zod’s head in place. If he would have taken his arm off to cover Zod’s eyes, Zod would have been able to move his head over that last inch and those people were fried. Also, Zod said he’d never stop, and Superman could not stop him. The only way was death and they both knew it. Killing Zod will haunt Superman forever. I don’t think he will never kill after this, especially when it comes to Lex Luthor (who he should have killed 100x over). I agree with the previous comment (Marc) about Superman having a human nature.

    ***SPOILER ALERT*** Things to think about… Was Jor-El corrupted by Zod? Could he be Brainiac? Clearly Lex Luthor is coming. What about the blood they extracted from Superman? It was banished to the Phantom Zone with Non and Ursa. Will Non and Ursa be back? Could Doomsday make an appearance in #3? Or Bizarro? Will Superman meet Jimmy Olson at the Daily Planet? At the end, did Superman build his Fortress of Solitude?

  • kman

    So to be more human like he has to Kill? Sorry not buying that. I enjoyed the movie up to that point – it was unnecessary and just not what I want to see but hey each to their own ๐Ÿ™‚ incredible special effects. Great slugfests and a interesting interpretation of krypton. I guess we will just have to see how the next one goes!

    • oh man… FOR SURE I loved seeing Krypton, too bad there wasn’t more of it!

      • Michael Poirier

        He should be better than humans. He’s Superman.
        I agree with kman.

        • Marc

          I’m not saying “Humans just kill!”, I’m saying that humans make mistakes. He made a mistake at the end, and with his response he clearly knew it. But it’s a young Superman, he made a split second decision and clearly immediately regretted it. That was VERY human. We’ll see in the following movies if he learned from it.

          • Michael Poirier

            I hope so. We’ll see… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Michael Poirier

          From youtube:

          “Superman is a character. A construct. The WRITERS have a choice, and they chose this, which is wrong๏ปฟ for the character.”

  • Gilmour

    guys, not the Superman you grew up with??? I hope so…..its 20 years later!!! if you want to watch the same crap from when you were a kid, grab your VHS and plug it in…oh and enjoy Superman 3 and 4…those were incredible…NOT!!
    They finally brought some darkness to an old bubble gum story… of the best comic book movies made (after the batman’s of course)
    Mike….fuck Grant Morrison…..Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan kick ass!

    • hey hey, lay of Grant Morrison. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Michael Poirier

      I don’t equate “darkness” with “good story”. Superman 1 & 2 are still two of the best superhero movies ever made, and not just because I saw them as a kid.
      Spider-man 1 & 2 are great movies too, and they didn’t need ‘darkness’ to be good.

  • Michael Poirier

    Btw, I would expect ANY fictional character to stay true to its creation; the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie was an abomination. The BBC ‘SHERLOCK’ TV show is excellent. Despite being set in the modern day, it correctly captures the spirit and nuance of Arthur Conan Doyle’s character.
    That is the best way to adapt a character for modern audiences! There is nothing BBC’s Sherlock would do that Doyle’s character didn’t do.