The Fate of Superman’s Two Sets of Parents and Civil War in “Man of Steel”

Posted on 06 May 2013 by Admin

What is the story in Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel? Will it live up to other superhero films out there? Check out what will be the case right here…..

474425_577013562333286_99462473_oIron Man 3 came out this past weekend to rave reviews and box office success. No one denied it was going to be a hit, not even me given I am a fan of the films and the character himself. Yet, there’s a film coming out in June that is trickier to gauge in terms of what the story is and whether it will be successful. That is Warner Bros’ Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill.

With Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder at the helm, I have little doubt this film will be both a critical and box office success. It still astounds me how many people do not believe in Nolan’s talents. He is one of the best writers and directors in town, and resurrected a character that was considered “dead” on film after the disaster many people thought Batman and Robin to be. Some have gone as far as to say that it was the worst film ever made in the history of cinema. Yet if Nolan and his co-writer David S. Goyer can do that for Batman and given what I have seen from Man of Steel in terms of footage, there is little doubt in my mind people are going to love the film’s take on Superman and crave for a sequel.

Yet like the previous Nolan Batman films, there is little currently we know about it. We know that Kal El comes from the planet Krypton when there is a dangerous event going on. Yet, I doubt the planet is actually going to blow up in the film. Given General Zod’s presence in speaking to Jor-El, I am led to believe that Kal El is sent to Earth because of a civil war occurring on Krypton which Zod may/may not be the cause of. It is very doubtful to me since Zod is coming to Earth to seek out Kal as a prisoner, that there will be anything different from a civil war.

This will no doubt endanger his life as Clark Kent on Earth, and lead to some eventually casualties. However, the first casualties likely casualtiea on Krypton would be the deaths of his parents Lara and Jor El. I see this as a likely possibility because they will be seen as traitors from Zod’s New Krypton, and he will need to punish them. His line: “You believe your son is safe?” comes to mind when he confronts what is either Jonathan Kent or Jor El. I would believe it to be the latter because the term “son” is more likely to be something Zod has little knowledge of. He probably does not know that the son of Jor El is now the son of a couple of farmers in Smallville, Kansas.

When Zod does find out where Clark is –and he does indeed, judging by the footage in the trailer when the Kryptonian ships invade the Kent farm, what will transpire between Jonathan, Martha and Zod and his men? I think they will stick to the stories presented in past films ending up with Jonathan’s unfortunate death. What makes me think this is further the case is when Clark says: “My father thought that if the world found out who I really was, they would reject. He was convinced the world was not ready.” The hint here is how Clark refers to his adoptive father in the past tense. Why would he do that if Jonathan was still alive? This is what most makes me think Jonathan will end up dead, and likely only appear in the flashbacks of Clark’s life unless of course, director Snyder chooses to tell the story linearly.

What I think will end up happening is that in the end, Clark will have his dog, Martha and Lois. However, I am doubtful he will reveal his true identity to her in the film. While that happened right off the bat in one of DC’s other summer blockbuster Green Lantern, that script became lost due to many different writers trying to change the story and constantly tweaking it leading to what it became: a haphazard and confused film. As a GL fan, I understood it because I was able to piece it all together with my knowledge of the series and the character but the average moviegoer was not able to do that. I am doubtful this will happen given Nolan’s track record of films especially with his trilogy of arguably the greatest three superhero movies but also some of the best films in cinema today.

Given the major questions of the story, I am also a bit curious about the Fortress of Solitude. I have heard from various sources it will be on Earth before Kal gets there. While I’m still a bit skeptical about that, I am sure it will definitely be a much more earthly and physical fortress than before. This is a part of Nolan/Goyer’s wanting to ground the character in reality, and if you look to what they did with the Batcave in The Dark Knight Trilogy, they are likely to take the same approach for Superman. My only thought would be as to why the Fortress would come before. To me, it does not make sense unless Zod and other Kryptonians knew about Earth, and have visited it. I am not so certain of that point since we do not have enough evidence to come to any clear realization about that. What I am certain of is that it will definitely be located in the Arctic and Clark will discover it there.

Now after having looked at the film again in-depth, I can say without a doubt this will be a success and the beginning of a Man of Steel trilogy of films if not the DC Cinematic Universe. DC hoped Green Lantern would be the beginning of the universe, and GL can still be a part of it if DC is smart. Look at the first Hulk movie which is still in continuity even though it was a complete failure and a terrible movie to boot. GL was much better than that first Hulk movie but what Marvel did was not ignore it but include it. That’s what DC should do, and be sure to check back in when I offer up my thoughts on how that can be done and why it should be done.

Meanwhile, I will probably confirm for you all that Iron Man 3 is a great film when I see it this week but in the meanwhile, I will stand strong in saying Man of Steel is my most anticipated film for the summer.

But yet again, there is The Wolverine?

Nah. Man of Steel.