Let’s Talk About Women in Comics (Video)

Posted on 01 August 2012 by GI Jolie

What do Emma Frost, Your Mom, and Captain James T. Kirk all have in common?

Answer, they’re all mentioned in our latest video piece about the portrayal of women in comics.

You can watch it below to see how the story unfolds.

Women in comics. Three small words. Three seemingly small yet very controversial words, and they’ve dominated the subject of many an editorial and blog for years. So why not jump into the fray, right?

Drawn from the minds of a male dominated profession, female comic book characters are being stripped down and explored both in words and in pictures; it is right there on the page in all its 4-colour brilliance, and as time passes and these characters back stories are explored so are their front stories as artists take full advantage of this visual medium.

Unlike the shifts in Fine Art that saw deconstruction take Realism into Impressionism, and then morph into complete Abstraction, the illustrations in comics have become a fleshy, bouncy, hyper-sexed wasteland for readers of superhero comics (male and female alike) to indulge in. One things for sure, something has been deconstructed as the interpretation torch gets passed from one artist to the next, and that’s their costumes –Right off their bodies!

comic book women

It is the subject that won’t go away, but as the world’s attention slowly shifts and our culture of geek becomes chic, there are more people available to get a real dialogue started! We have old fans, and now we have new fans throwing in their two cents. We just so happened to stop some willing participants at Detroit Fanfare in Cobo Hall Arena and asked them about this supercharged topic. While we received the typical response, there are a couple answers contributed by the fairer sex that might surprise you!

You can watch it all in the video above AND don’t forget to throw YOUR hat in the ring in the comments below!