Justice League #0 Written by Geoff Johns

Posted on 20 September 2012 by Admin

A review of Justice League #0 our newest writer, Will!

Justice League cover Justice League #0
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank
DC Comics Publishing


Until this issue I was beginning to think these back ups should be called “The Depressing Adventures of Billy Batson”. Fortunately Shazam receives an epic reintroduction into the DC universe in this tale of a mischievous boy who receives powers he does not fully understand; Justice League #0 gives the readers something to look forward to, whereas the other number zeros are doing prequel stories.

Billy Batson has always been more than other superhero stories the definitive wish-fulfillment. Throughout this issue we are shown a boy who does not believe in good or bad and who won’t be using his powers for the betterment of mankind for quite some time.

Billy Batson is us. He will have to learn what it means to be a hero through the consequences of his choices. Even if the wizard saw good in him, he could still turn out to be a villain.

These are questions we will have to ponder until next month’s issue.