Jeff Lemire discusses Animal Man

Posted on 02 March 2013 by Mike-EL

Red hot writer/artist Jeff Lemire chats with J’orge about The Man With Animal Powers!

From Straw Dogs to Green Arrow, the meteoric rise of Essex County’s Jeff Lemire has been astonishing. Superfriend J’orge R’zok takes the opportunity to chat about Animal Man, as well as Lemire previous DC work on Superboy.

While his stay on Superboy was short, we here at the Syndicate found his run to be good, clean old-fashioned fun. As usual we recommend it, along with his work on The Atom, Justice League Dark and Green Arrow! If that’s not enough, pick up Underwater Welder & The Essex County Trilogy from Top Shelf Productions as well.

So, sit back and enjoy our chat with this frequently mentioned freelancer and fellow Essex County feller who is taking the comics world by storm.