Hundreds of photos in our Fan Expo 2017 diary

Posted on 06 October 2017 by GI Jolie

Fan Expo is North America’s largest comic convention, and as a long time patron (mostly for the comic arts) I can confirm that its expansion will not be stopping anytime soon! Click through for my photo diary!

Over the years I’ve been able to meet some great people, and while I try to get photos of everyone, Fan Expo’s pro tables in Artist Alley are (thankfully) a madhouse. So I caught the usual suspects, and one new face that I’ve been dying to meet but am too afraid to approach because I get all starstruck, Sara Richard! She just so happens to be a great friend to my long time homie, Jay Fosgitt! I’m not sure why the meeting didn’t happen sooner. Also stick around for one of the “smiliest” photos of Meaghan Carter I’ve ever seen!

Here are some Snapshots from Comics programming and Artist Alley:

I always like to make some time for the exhibitors, but I was disappointed that Marvel and DC weren’t there in full force like they usually are. I do however, enjoy the fact that both companies continue to and were hosting portfolio reviews, pretty much all day long!

Also these five words: Star Trek Discovery laser tag. The Space Channel booth just keeps outdoing itself every year. This year was absolutely epic. Not only was that the challenge actually loads of fun, but they hosted the cast of the series at one point, right there on the convention floor!

I also through in some photos from the press event with the cast of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. It’s been 10 odd years and they’ve decided to release an animated series which is actually really exciting. Jason Mewes and the rest of the cast were on hand for interviews which we (since this falls in the realm of horror and not comics) helped our pals over at Blood Bath and Beyond film. John was a star and if you like horror you should check out him and his co-host Jay Bond … right here!

Don’t forget to check out these highlights from the Exhibition floor. Psst! Peep those Thor costumes! Hela’s horns are MAGNIFIQUE!

There is so much to see and do that I hardly found myself asking cosplayers to pose for photos in their costumes, which is my usual modus operandi, but I did get some! It bares mentioning and repeating though, that the calibre of craftsmanship that goes into every single one of these costumes is just supremely epic! God love a clean hem!

Here is my cosplay gallery:

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