He’s Spider-Man!

Posted on 25 June 2014 by Mike-EL

The Ray Wall Band, the purveyors of ‘Comic Book Rock’, have teamed with animator Shawn Sheehan to create an all-new Spider-Man theme!

We at the Syndicate have always longed for more media content that focuses on comic books (“more” translating as “more than the absolute zero we have now”). Turns out someone else had a similar idea. What if there was comic book-themed music all over the radio? Well, The Ray Wall Band came up with the idea of Comic Book Rock, and the rest is history. Check out this astonishing (or is that Amazing?) music video featuring everyone’s favourite web-slinger!

In an interview with http://comicrelated.com/, Ray Wall reveals the secret origin of his band: “We are a band that makes rock music exclusively about super-heroes and comic book characters and the project has become part of a personal odyssey that was really unexpected in my life.”

Like your pals at the Syndicate, Ray Wall focuses his energy exclusively on comic books, rather than the broader area of ‘geek culture’ (whatever that is): “It was never intended to be geek anything. We did thought experiments and asked what if every single song on the radio was a super-hero song? What would that mean? Can a band really do something so ridiculous? Strangely enough, the answer is yes. As far as “geek” culture type music, I’m not really interested in doing songs about my computer, goofy relationships, or nerdy stuff. On the other hand, everyone cares on some level about Batman. (Laughs)”

On the He’s Spider-Man video: “We were lucky in our collaboration with animation talent Shawn Sheehan of Michigan who is an industry motion design pro and major fanboy in his own right. Shawn has an amazing sense of timing and humor in all his work that makes you sit and watch his stuff and constantly wonder what he’s going to come up with in the next frame. When I saw his animations I was dying to work with him and it turned out he was a Spider-Man fan and liked my crazy song. The hardest thing is always managing around our professional work schedules to do a project like this. But Spidey talked us into it!”

For more on the Ray Wall Band, check them out here!

Originally posted on June 25, 2014.