Hawkeye #8 by Fraction, Aja & Wu

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Hawkeye spends time in his natural habitat, a strip club!

Hawkeye #8
Written by Matt Fraction
Art by David Aja & featuring illustrations from Annie Wu
Published by Marvel


Synopsis: Penny walks back into Clint’s life and once again she needs his help. P.S. don’t touch her comic books!

Good: Once again Hawkeye continues to be one of the best books Marvel is putting out. The art is strong as always and I’m happy that it has stayed the same. The style works with the story and at the same time still keeps the book feeling fresh and different. The laid back type of art style works with the story lines that are usually about Clint and his time off from The Avengers. It continues to look amazing and shouldn’t change; it’s not broken so there’s definitely no reason to fix it.

It was funny seeing Penny reunite with Clint in front of Black Widow –his Ex and his ‘best friend’ who wants to be more than friends. The dialogue from all those characters worked really well and made a great start to the book. The revelation at the end was really cool: ****SPOILERS**** The comic books that Penny sent Clint and told him not to touch turn out to be in a specific order pertaining to the combination of the safe. I’m curious what will happen with the safe and it created a strong open ending. ****END SPOILERS****

The relationship between Clint and Penny continues to be entertaining and interesting also. The conversations between the two of them flow naturally. It was also fun to watch Clint go through the strip club as a ‘distraction’, and just absolutely beating up everyone. It’s a moment that helps showcase how much of a ‘badass’ Clint is.

The Covers of the comic books inside this comic book, were a really nice visual bonus. Though they kept appearing every now and again, they never really stopped or caused issues with the flow of the story.

Bad: The bad guy still continues to be annoying but that’s probably what Fraction is going for. His constant use of the word ‘Bro’ while funny, often times is annoying. This one character flaw is my only real issue with the book.

Overall: This was another really strong Hawkeye book and if you’re still not reading this I truly recommend you check this series out. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Hawkeye I think there’s something for almost everyone to enjoy here.

Rating: 4.8/5

What were your thoughts on Hawkeye #8? What do you think is in the safe?