GENRECON 2012 with GI Jolie! (37 Photos)

Posted on 21 November 2012 by GI Jolie

More photos from the convention PLUS meet my twin sister, “Agent Yellow” at HER FIRST convention ever!

Here are my highlights from this year’s Genrecon 2012. Quickly before you tear into the gallery I just wanted to mention some of the great things you’ll be seeing, including ‘Agent Yellow’s first ever encounter with Nicholas Brendan aka Xander Harris aka Kevin Lynch of Criminal Minds.
Keep your eyes double-peeled for her photobomb, as well as a sneaky one by actor Julian Richings of Supernatural followed by a great one of the two of them in the hotel lobby on the way out to the Hollywood Elements Party.

Also of note, Vs. Valerie shooting their webseries everywhere, the super funny, super tired because-he-took-a-red-eye-in Tom Lenk, and the guy who cosplayed Joel Mchale –cosplaying the 10th Doctor!

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Jolie is a Co-Producer of the Comic Book Syndicate. She is also the Photographer, Graphic Designer, Set Director, and Webmaster. She loves comic books and her two cats. She puts cilantro on everything.



  • Great photos! I remember you! I pointed George toward his pic–thank you!

    • HOORAY! I can’t wait to see you guys all next year when we can stay for more than the day 🙂