Flash Gordon Zeitgeist 6 by Trautmann, Ross, and Indro

Posted on 10 September 2012 by Admin

A comic book review of Flash Gordon #6!

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Issue 6
Story by Eric Trautmann, Alex Ross
Art by Daniel Indro
Cover by: Alex Ross, Paul Renaud, Francesco Francavilla

Now this particular issue gravitated toward me and what did it was the art direction thanks in large part to the legendary Alex Ross who takes shots at it, and hits! One of my favorite graphic novels of all time, besides the work of Frank Miller, was Kingdom Come, the artwork being created by Ross. Though the interiors are by a different artist, I thought Indro did a heck of a job with this story, in essence with it securing overtones of Ross’ art style.

The story itself contains remnants from its precursor, the original movie that debuted in 1980, but the book took on a completely different direction which I think is excellent in order to pull in new disciples to the Flash Gordon franchise.

Eric Trautmann does a great job scripting out the plot in this book. The dialogue was a real treat to read and indulge in my spare time and I feel he’s only going to get better in later books in the series.

comic book preview

This story has similar tones pertaining to the original movies, but are upscaled into an even more exciting version. We find our hero, Gordon, again, teaming up with the cocky Prince Barin, to usurp the tyrannical throne of Emperor Ming. Here Ming, is elevated to a more vicious tyrant, if I may be so bold. Similarly exaggerated is the spunky attitude of Princess Aura.

As you dive into the book, study the scenes for yourself and watch it keep you still to your chair (or wherever you’re sitting) and find out the plan to take down Ming falls into play.

Rating: 4/5