FLASH GORDON: On the Planet Mongo

Posted on 28 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Watch our review of the first volume of classic comic strips by Alex Raymond

Our super-friend Kevin joins J’orge and Mike-EL for a very special edition of the Comic Book Syndicate! We were sent a BEAUTIFULLY BOUND book by the good folks of Titan Publishing and we just had to make it part of the regular show; no text review for this massive book!

Watch our review below:

A special thank you to Tom Green at Titan Publishing for continuing to send us great material! (Stay tuned for our review of volume 2) and EXTRA special thanks to Aphelion Media and wonder Boom-ist Adam for their great work behind the scenes. If you’re ever in the Windsor area be sure to check out Vermouth on Ouelette Ave. We shot our segment of the show there, just be sure to let Matt behind the bar know we sent you and if you’re a fan of the Red, try the Shiraz. It’s to die for!

Want to get a closer look at those images from the review? Check them out here:

Originally posted November 28, 2012.