Detroit Fanfare – Day 2 (15 Photos)

Posted on 27 October 2012 by GI Jolie

Even more photos and stories from Day 2 of one of Michigan’s FUNNEST Conventions!  

Okay so Mike-EL and I got there a little bit later then we wanted to, and the convention floor closed much sooner then expected, but I managed to get some pretty cool photos for today. Thanks to everyone who danced and made funny faces for my video. Once the convention wraps up, I’ll get cut and out as soon as humanly possible. For now enjoy my photo gallery from DAY 2!


WORTH MENTIONING: Kevin Vanhook is the BOMB! The stiffness in my shoulders is totally worth the almost 1/2 long video interview he granted us this afternoon! For everyone that missed him Friday and Saturday you’re officially out of luck as he is heading back to Southern California.

BUT… maybe you can look forward to seeing the total Tom Cruise look-a-like wandering around the floor. If you caught him at a certain angle you’d have thought it was Maverick himself. How do I know it wasn’t him? Well, when got close enough to ask him for a photo I thought … there’s no way in HELL T.C. is THIS tall! 🙂

Props to the ONLY Scott Pilgrim cosplay I saw as well! This anonymous young man was dressed up like vegan-supreme, Todd Ingram!

Okay one more shout out to the Codex and her hunky, um. Hmph. I’d date HER avatar! (If anyone can name his costume I’ll send you something awesome!)

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