Detroit Fanfare 2012 – Day 3 (13 Photos)

Posted on 29 October 2012 by GI Jolie

One last gallery from this weekend’s convention!

So. Sunday was technically the last day of Detroit Fanfare, but I was so tired that, immediately after I got home I passed out –for TWO HOURS!

Regardless, here is your Day 3 gallery and oh, mind the compression. It’s a tad speckled when we upload our galleries, BUT if you would like a copy of a photo that you do see, shoot me an e-mail
( jolie [at] comicbooksyndicate [dot] com ) and I’ll make sure to get you the full res version!


1. Finding out artist, Justin Castenada is from Chicago… MOAR CHICAGO FRIENDS!!
2. Meeting Freddie Nova and finding out that a) Freddie is NOT the photographer of this infamous Venom photo: (Adam Jay is)

and b) Freddie Nova is the model! She had her own booth AND was one of the friendliest and coolest women we’ve ever met!
3. Mermaids are like Disney Princesses. Surrounded by children and always blowing kisses!
4. Meeting the team from Drunk on Comics when they’re not drunk is just as fun as listening to their drunken podcast!
5. Dennis Barger puts on a great show! See you all next year!

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