Detroit Fanfare 2012 – Day 1

Posted on 27 October 2012 by GI Jolie

Only a preview day for those with advance tickets, but click to see some of the great photos we managed to get!

Press, exhibitors, artists, and advance ticket holders had run of Dearborns’ Hyatt during yesterday evening special Preview Night. I wasn’t anticipating cosplayers, but I did manage to bump into a few good ones earlier on!


Finding out Lynda Carter; TV’s Wonder Woman and Casper Van Dien were in vampire movie called Slayer together AND it was directed by KEVIN VANHOOK! (Best known for writing Bloodshot for Valiant Comics)

Rich. He’s the floor manager at the show. He’s pretty chill. Catch him for quick hello and talk about anything but the show. Maybe offer him aother ‘misfortune cookie‘ one of the exhibitors.

Langes Sports Connection & Comic Books! (That’s photo of the owner throttling his son (?) in our photo gallery) His prices are SUPER REASONABLE and he has TON of stock for you to peruse! The good thing about his boxes? They’re in order. But this might not be the case all weekend, so get there quick before some other nimble consumer gets to your picks!

Detroit Fanfare is open again today from 10m-7pm. So whatcha waiting for? Get on the FLOOR!

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