Deathstroke dies in ARROW…

Posted on 10 November 2012 by GI Jolie

and you already knew it. Click the jump to find out when and how!

I’m a huge fan of the CW’s show ARROW. I knew virtually nothing about the character before I started watching the show, and now I can’t get enough and I want to read ALL THE BOOKS!

Like most television shows I try to steer clear of spoilers, but in re-watching Episode 1 the other night with some friends I discovered this:

Arrow Screencap

When I first saw Deathstroke’s mask in the opening scene I was pretty pumped. That meant Deathstroke was going to be in the show! (In last week’s episode he was more Death-STAB then anything else, but very frightening nonetheless) –but wait. What is this head on a spike I’m seeing?

I’ve seen enough genre television to know what this means:

Game of Thrones

Winter IS coming –it’s coming for YOU, Deathstroke. I wonder when his eventually demise will play out. Come speculate with me in the comments section below!


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  • This week’s ARROW was a drop in quality. The ‘theme’ was too in-your-face and the danger to Fill-In-Arrow was anti-climatic.