BATMAN #14 PREVIEW: Who Will Be the First to Die?

Posted on 08 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Preview images of Batman #14 show death of [SPOILER ALERT]

Pages from the next issue (Batman #14) have been released exclusively on Buzzfeed which could possibly reveal the identity of the first member of the “Family” to die.

Alfred dies in Batman #14

The Joker is back with his loyal henchwoman, Harley Quinn and it looks like they have some dark plans for Bruce Wayne and the Bat Gang. The “Death of the Family” story reaches across many of the Bat-books that DC is currently publishing, but hopefully like Snyder’s Court of Owls, we’ll only have to buy the main title to get the majority of the action.

The Joker is no stranger to death, murder, and mayhem. In “Death in the Family” he had no qualms about killing Jason Todd giving us NO reason to believe that The Joker wouldn’t fatally strike again. Though the main question on everyone’s mind isn’t WHEN he’ll kill again, but WHO?

Batman looks for Alfred Being very matter of fact, I believe the evidence is right in front of us, but let’s examine the more obvious evidence first, shall we?

He’s had it with The Joker’s antics and after finally being able to escape from his gaseous clutches, Bruce returns home to Wayne Manor. Bruce calls out to Alfred, “Alfred?” He gets no answer. “Alfred are you there?” Roaming about the mansion in search for his trusty man servant he comes across an open room. A faint stream of light breaks through the crack and entices the Bat to come closer. Bruce opens the door and becomes the first witness to an event we cannot see. (Ed. Note: Oh, the magic of comics *Sigh*) A look of somber disbelief spreads across Bruce’s face as he silently utters…


Batman #14

Good one Synder! You too DC Comics! Thank you for the elaborate setup. We know Alfred’s not in there. Why would you make it so easy on us? We know it’s not the Boy Wonder in there either, Snyder’s better than a rehashed story line. So, who pray tell is in that room? What is it that Bruce is seeing?

While I can’t point my finger at one victim I can point my finger right at the headline:
Batman #14 by Scott Snyder

Keywords ‘of the’. I think they’re ALL going to get it.

Here are some nifty images from the issue including both covers! So, who do you think it’s going to be? Let us know in the comments below!


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