DEADPOOL #4 by Posehn, Duggan & Moore

Posted on 23 January 2013 by Admin

In one corner, dishonest Wade! In the other corner, the President with the top hat!

Written by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan
Art by Tony Moore
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: Deadpool vs. Abraham Lincoln in a steel cage match! Do I really have to say more?

Good: One of the parts I really enjoy about this book is actually the recap page –even though I know what happened in the last book I find myself still reading it. There’s just something about little Deadpool explaining to you what happened ‘last time’, –it just works really well in my opinion.

This book had some really great highlights: Wade dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy being the second shooter (apparently), Ben Franklin’s ghost and well, I’ll stop right there. I really enjoy the relationship between Wade and Benjamin Franklin’s ghost. The two work really well together and the conversations they have are really funny! Ben telling Wade that the only thing he misses as much as sex is food is just one example.

The story for this series has been really fun and interesting so far, there’s just something about Deadpool killing undead presidents!

The art is another highlight for this book as Moore does an excellent job when it comes to drawing the decapitations, fighting, and even just Deadpool without the mask. Also, Deadpool and Lincoln made really great enemies –actually, one of my favourite quotes from Lincoln, calling Deadpool out on everything that’s supposedly wrong with his comic book character persona. Lincoln himself wasn’t breaking the fourth wall but he was saying things that I’ve heard some comic readers say when they explain why they don’t like Deadpool.

Bad: While I enjoy the humour in this book there are people who don’t, and I understand that. Honestly it really depends on if you enjoy Deadpool’s type of humour. While it suits the book itself, I think it’s really important to just warn people and point that out. Also, I’m not really enjoying the character of Agent Preston. I understand her purpose, but I just feel that she brings the book down. She just nags at Deadpoool; when he jumps on the jet, she complains that he never plans his movements. This is true but I don’t really need this character pointing that out. That may just be me but I think it would have been funnier and more interesting if Maria Hill was forced to work with him and be his handler.

Overall: This issue of Deadpool is packed with jokes, fighting, killing, jokes, killing, and Deadpool. Really, it all comes down to if you’re a fan of Wade Wilson –or not. If you are then you should definitely pick up this book.

Rating: 4/5

Are you a fan of Deadpool? If so what has been your favourite Deadpool series?