DC Comics round table at #FXC2017, down and dirty

Posted on 26 September 2017 by GI Jolie

Photos from the All-Star “DC Comics: My Secret Origin” panel hosted by Dan Didio!

Over the course of Fan Expo’s four day weekend, several panels take place featuring pros from the DC Comics ‘Kingdom’. One panel in particular sticks out and is by far the most entertaining one you’ll likely ever attend; if you missed the “DC Comics: My Secret Origin” slot, you missed true greatness. Contained within are some really great nuggets of wisdom.

Moderated by Dan Didio, the panel featured DC Comic’s writers Scott Snyder and Tom King and artist’s Emanuela Lupacchino and Chad Hardin. Fans were encouraged by Didio to ask questions and be subject to answering them as well! The great thing about this panel is that the answers are off the cuff and candid. Each answered by pretty much everyone in the line up, and as hard lined as possible. Though they seem unique to those posing the questions, many of them fall now fall into the realm of frequently asked, like: What does your day to day look like? Who is your favourite character to write/draw? and What advice do you have for a person trying to break into the industry? The great thing about the line for this panel is that it’s always different and TIL I learned that Scott Snyder and Tom King are Ivy League-ers (which probably explains why I seek out and devour their work so ravenously) Emanual Lupacchino was a scientist —a freaking scientist, before she gave it all up to persue a career as a professional artist!

You can get the full goods when we post for FULL VIDEO in next week, but for now you can find my image gallery of that panel below!

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