A First Time For Everything

Posted on 27 June 2012 by Admin

This is the story of one girl and her first …comic book convention.

As a comic book fan, frequenting conventions is sort of second nature, not something that I make time for, it’s just something that I just do. It’s only been four short years but even I’m starting to forget my first time, so when I took my friend Cat to this year’s Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan the memories started flooding back. Just to make things interesting this year, I had her write about her first time experience. From the sounds of this GIGANTIC submission I received, it is NOT going to be her last! Jolie

Cat Power at Motor City Comic Con 2012 What’s up comic book fans! For those of you unfamiliar allow us to get better acquainted: My name is Cat Power. Yes that is my real name and yes I am willing to show you ID if you ask for it. Some people might know me from my adventures in the world of Professional Wrestling, notably ROH affiliate promotion Shimmer Women Athletes. Something wrestling fans might not know about me however is I am a tremendous geek; I am known as the ‘Xander’ of my group. So when I was offered the opportunity to attend my first comic book convention it took me all of three seconds to say Hell YA! (That one’s for all you Austin fans out there) I wasn’t really sure how these conventions work other than people get to be astoundingly creative and show up wearing costumes, some worthy of a Hollywood movie set. So here for you is my take on the entire day’s experience.

As soon as we walked into the convention venue I was immediately struck with this overwhelming sense of childish giddiness that I can only equate to the same sense of joy every one of us has experienced Christmas morning. It was insane how huge this was and there was so much stuff from my childhood that I was instantly reminded of while walking around looking at all the cool stuff I couldn’t justify spending rent money on (although how cool would a $200 Catra figurine look on my shelf?!) From the Original Transformer figures and the He-Man box sets to the G.I. Joe and Ninja Turtles shirts it was a nerd-gasim times 20 and we hadn’t even walked around to see the whole Con yet.

I was also in amazement at the time and effort that people put into costumes that we saw.

Motor City Comic Con 2012

There was a man there that was a dead ringer for Jack Nicholson, a fully outfitted My Little Pony, The Robot Chicken Scientist complete with Robot Chicken, and too many Joker and Harley Quinn combinations to even count. Honestly anyone who has ever had success with costuming has my utmost respect because lord knows there have been many a pout fests by yours truly on Halloween because my mom didn’t get the “GOOD” Catwoman costume. Hats off to all the kick ass people that have the talent to pull that off and to take the time to take pics with a first timer like me.

I am by no means a car person. If someone asked me what kind of car a person was driving chances are rather than make and model you’re going to get “Uh…a blue one?” But when I saw that the cars from the Transformers movies were on display that sort of blew my mind just a little bit. Even if you are not a car fan you have to be able to appreciate the detail in these machines for the movie. The hubcaps had Transformer and Decepticon detailing, the engines were chromed and colored to the specific robot it was meant to be for the film and the license plates were personalized for Bumble Bee and the Decepticons. I did my best impersonation of a Price is Right model standing next to these cars hoping that my press pass and gigantic smile would entice someone that had it in their power to let me sit behind the wheel even for 2.2 seconds. No dice. Pretty sweet none the less being that close to quite possibly the coolest looking cars to roll off the line in the last 30 years or so. And to be on display in the Motor City is too cool of fact not to mention.

One of the main stops on my tour through Comic Book World was to the Boondock Saints booth. I watched The Boondock Saints for the first time when I was 18 with my buddy Joey and it not only instantly cemented a place in my top 5 favorite movies but it also became a staple in how we would gage someone’s cool factor that was trying to hang out with our little posse. Show them Boondock Saints and if they dig it they’re in! So I was stoked to find out that Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco were going to be at the convention doing a signing. I’ve met all kinds of people through wrestling that have had anywhere from moderate to massive levels of success and I’ve been disappointed by a few and pleasantly surprised by others.

Motor City Comic Con 2012 Motor City Comic Con 2012 Motor City Comic Con 2012

When I walked up to talk to Sean Patrick Flanery and ask him to sign my special edition stainless steel case copy of Boondock (bought it the day it was released thank you) I was super pumped that he was actually a normal guy and took the time to be chill and talk with me and my good friend Jolie. Don’t judge me because like I said I’ve had bad experiences in the past and this was my first Con so I really didn’t know what to expect but I really want to take the time to express how cool it was to meet someone like that and have them be so down to earth and cool. He didn’t care that Jolie was “having camera issues” (thanks girl) and was in no rush to hurry us off. David Della Rocco was the exact same way and one of the funniest people I have ever met. Just all around great guys and it was so cool to have had that experience. I wish I had thought to let them know that Boondock is still the measuring stick I use to this day to decide if I’m going to be cool with someone or not. Next time.

Another one of my favorite moments of the day was getting to chat with Geroges Jeanty, artist on Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight. If I ever find myself in LA I will make it a point to find this man and have drinks with him! Preferably extra dirty martinis. I believe I said this on the Facebook post of the picture that was put up but he was the sweetest man ever.

Motor City Comic Con 2012

It was funny because I felt like he had known Jolie and I forever and talked with us like we were old friends. He is an astonishingly talented artist and I really can’t wait to see more incredible things from this accomplished creator.

The day went by way to quickly and after all was said and done it was official: I am a Con fanatic! This experience was so phenomenal that I was convinced I needed to attend the Fan Expo happening in Toronto in August. I am so excited to check out this Con and a thousand more after it. I’ve thanked Jolie and Mike so many times for bringing me with them that they are probably sick of hearing it but I feel it’s necessary to thank them one more time. Thank you so much to you both and to all the wonderful people that took the time to talk with us and pose for pics and just share in the fandemonium that was Motor City Comic Con. See you next time cats and kittens.



More photos from this years Motor City Comic Con, let us know if you see yourself!

Originally posted on June 27, 2012.