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Logan (movie review)

Posted on 06 March 2017 by Mike-EL

The best movie there is at what it does. But what it does isn’t very nice. Continue Reading

Comic Book SyndiCon 2016 – Cosplay Competition

Posted on 19 February 2017 by Mike-EL

A parade of ALL the adult SyndiCon competitors from 2016! Continue Reading

Jeff Lemire (panel discussion)

Posted on 06 February 2017 by Mike-EL

The Windsor Public Library hosts a discussion with Essex County’s favourite son! Continue Reading

Comic Book SyndiCon 2016 – Kids Cosplay Competition

Posted on 15 January 2017 by Mike-EL

The winners from the Kids Category! Continue Reading

Star Wars – Rogue One (review)

Posted on 18 December 2016 by Mike-EL

The latest (and some say greatest) chapter in the never-ending film series! Continue Reading

Doctor Strange (movie review)

Posted on 11 November 2016 by Mike-EL

The Syndicate reviews the newest blockbuster from Marvel Studios. Continue Reading

Transformers (Marvel) #7-12

Posted on 04 November 2016 by Mike-EL

The classic run that introduced Jeftire, the Dinobots and the Constructicons! Continue Reading

Transformers (Marvel) #1-6

Posted on 24 October 2016 by Mike-EL

The classic run from Marvel Comics is scrutinized by the Syndicate. Continue Reading

Catherine Hicks – interview

Posted on 21 October 2016 by Mike-EL

Hicks chats about playing Dr. Gillian Taylor in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home! Continue Reading

Chris Sprouse talks Supreme

Posted on 09 October 2016 by Mike-EL

From the Syndicate vault comes a classic interview from 2007! Continue Reading

Spider-Man: Homecoming – too soon?

Posted on 02 October 2016 by Mike-EL

Not everyone is excited about the upcoming Spidey Threeboot. Continue Reading

‘299’ (a 300 parody)

Posted on 28 September 2016 by Mike-EL

Deep from the Syndicate vaults comes the lost sequel to ‘300’. Continue Reading

Can you get a PhD in comic books?

Posted on 25 September 2016 by Mike-EL

Irene spells out the stunning secret of her souped up schooling. Continue Reading

What if you could only keep ONE longbox of comic books?

Posted on 11 September 2016 by Mike-EL

If you had to pare down your collection to one box, what would you keep? Continue Reading

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