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Guardians of the Galaxy – movie review

Posted on 03 August 2014 by Mike-EL

Does Marvel’s big gamble pay off? Continue Reading

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, Mike McKone Vs. Steve Wacker, Amazing Spider-man #650

Posted on 28 July 2014 by Mike-EL

The final Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, followed by the latest Spider-Man costume that was instantly forgotten! Continue Reading

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World + Alex Saviuk

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Mike-EL

One of the most perfectly realized comic book adaptations is scrutinized by the Syndicate! Continue Reading

Daredevil – Director’s Cut

Posted on 18 July 2014 by Mike-EL

Is the Director’s Cut all it’s cracked up to be? Continue Reading

A look back at THE LOSERS!

Posted on 16 July 2014 by Mike-EL

The comic book movie that no one knew was based on a comic book! Continue Reading

Transformers – Dark Of The Moon (review)

Posted on 08 July 2014 by Mike-EL

There is no dark of the moon really…matter of fact it’s all dark. Continue Reading

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Posted on 03 July 2014 by Mike-EL

When Megatron said “Everything is fodder” he probably just finished screening this particular piece of fodder. Continue Reading

X-men: First Class (movie review)

Posted on 29 May 2014 by Mike-EL

The movie that polarized fans and made X-movie continuity more confusing than a Scott Lobdell story. Continue Reading

X-men – Days of Future Past (movie review)

Posted on 23 May 2014 by Mike-EL

Travel back in time to the opening night of the fifth X-movie! Continue Reading

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Posted on 06 May 2014 by Mike-EL

The second cinematic restart Spidey story from Sony is scrutinized by the Syndicate! Continue Reading

Captain America: The First Avenger

Posted on 12 April 2014 by Mike-EL

Now that Captain America: Winter Solider has been declared the greatest fictional story in the history of humanity, let’s look back at the first Cap movie! Continue Reading

Captain America – Winter Soldier (movie review)

Posted on 09 April 2014 by Mike-EL

The smash hit from Marvel Studios is scrutinized by the Syndicate! Continue Reading

American Splendor (film review)

Posted on 12 March 2014 by Mike-EL

The Harvey Pekar biopic is reviewed by your favourite talk show! Continue Reading

Thor (2011) movie review

Posted on 23 November 2013 by Mike-EL

A look back at the first THOR movie from 2011, featuring Tom Hiddleston and a bunch of other people. Continue Reading

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