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‘299’ (a 300 parody)

Posted on 28 September 2016 by Mike-EL

Deep from the Syndicate vaults comes the lost sequel to ‘300’. Continue Reading

How superhero movies are ruining the comics

Posted on 08 June 2015 by Mike-EL

What puts Max into Berserker Mode? Find out here!

Is the tail wagging the dog?

J’orge’s favourite Transformer!

Posted on 27 March 2015 by Mike-EL

J’orge shows us his favourite Transformer…and you won’t BELIEVE what happens next! Continue Reading

Ladies, They Talk About…ARROW!

Posted on 23 March 2015 by Mike-EL

Here’s what the conversation is like when G.I.Jolie & Mia Desu watch CW’s ARROW! Continue Reading

Remembering “You, Me & Corn”

Posted on 19 December 2014 by Mike-EL

Lament for the former ratings blockbuster that met an untimely demise. Continue Reading

Spider-man Kills Again!

Posted on 14 May 2014 by Mike-EL

Spider-man makes a surprise cameo in this classic Weekly episode of the Syndicate! Continue Reading

The Spider-Man Talk Show Hour!

Posted on 30 April 2014 by GI Jolie

Looks like Spidey has his own comic book review show! Continue Reading

Curmudgeon’s Corner, on Manga

Posted on 15 February 2014 by GI Jolie

Is the influence of Manga destroying American comic books? Continue Reading

The Naked Organ (digital short)

Posted on 18 January 2014 by Mike-EL

Ever have one of these dreams?

Spider-man: Stand-up Comedian?

Posted on 07 October 2013 by Mike-EL

Our regularly scheduled programming is interrupted by your friendly neighbourhood webslinger. Continue Reading

Curmudgeon’s Corner – Inkers

Posted on 20 September 2013 by Mike-EL

The oft-neglected role of the embellisher is discussed by everyone’s favourite curmudgeon: Al Marcotte!

Who is…The Funster?

Posted on 23 August 2013 by Mike-EL

Meet The Funster. He just likes to have fun. Continue Reading

Curmudgeon’s Corner – Comic Book Lettering

Posted on 12 August 2013 by Mike-EL

Al “The Curmudgeon” Marcotte discusses the unsung heroes of the comics industry: the LETTERERS! Continue Reading

X-men Origins: Wolverine (ANOTHER parody)

Posted on 05 August 2013 by Mike-EL

The World’s Dumbest Movie is parodied by the World’s Most Pretentious TV Show. Continue Reading

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