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Arvell Jones interview

Posted on 13 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The artist whose work includes All-Star Squadron, Kobalt & Iron Man chats with the Syndicate! Continue Reading

Are eComics replacing print comics ? Plus, Agnes Garbowska interview!

Posted on 11 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The Syndicate are slow to change, but eComics ever completely replace the classic floppies? Continue Reading

Walk with Yanick!

Posted on 26 September 2014 by Mike-EL

The Syndicate’s favourite Quebec Canuck chats with Mike-EL about artistic influences, discovering X-men and the new Etta Candy. Continue Reading

What’s new with the BLACK HOLE HUNTER’S CLUB?

Posted on 17 September 2014 by Mike-EL

Ricky Lima & Shane Heron promote the newest issue of their indy comic book! Continue Reading

Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman controversy!

Posted on 15 September 2014 by Mike-EL

Yanick Paquette, Ricky Lima and Shane Heron give the final word on the controversy surrounding the variant cover! Continue Reading

A chat with Agnes Garbowska!

Posted on 12 September 2014 by Mike-EL

Our favourite Toronto comic book artist makes her 3rd appearance on the Syndicate! Continue Reading

Paper Heroes goes to Super Summer Comic Con!

Posted on 10 September 2014 by Mike-EL

‘Fortress MAXimus’ chats with PAPER HEROES owner Scott St. Amour about his experience at the con! Continue Reading

Tank Girl cosplayer interview!

Posted on 08 September 2014 by Mike-EL

Rosalie chats about her Tank Girl costume! Continue Reading

Sexual Harassment at comic cons

Posted on 05 September 2014 by Mike-EL

Mike-EL chats with some female cosplayers about the unfortunate frequency of harassment at cons. Continue Reading

Kirby Krackle + the fake death of Johnny Storm

Posted on 22 August 2014 by Mike-EL

…not to mention the real death of Wizard Magazine! Another classic episode. Continue Reading

Suicide Squad: Trial By Fire

Posted on 18 August 2014 by Mike-EL

Volume 1 of the classic run by John Ostrander. Continue Reading

80s Toy Tie-Ins

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Mike-EL

Travel back to the glorious 1980s as we cover M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Thundercats + more! Continue Reading

David Finch on Batman: The Dark Knight + DMZ

Posted on 13 August 2014 by Mike-EL

A classic in-depth interview with Finch on the eve of Batman: The Dark Knight #1! Continue Reading

Honky Tonk Man Interview + Why Did Disney Buy Marvel?

Posted on 08 August 2014 by Mike-EL

Mike-EL chats with the greatest intercontinental champion EVER! Plus, Disney + Marvel = ? Continue Reading

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