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The Killing Joke (Video Review)

Posted on 21 June 2012 by Mike-EL

Remember when the Joker shot Barbara Gordon and made her a cripple? So do we! Continue Reading

INVINCIBLE by Robert Kirkman, Walker & Ottley

Posted on 20 June 2012 by Mike-EL

The IMAGE COMICS sensation that inspired the MTV2 motion comic. Created by Robert Kirkman, Corey Walker & Ryan Ottley. Continue Reading

Scud – The Disposable Assassin

Posted on 20 June 2012 by Mike-EL

Murad Erzinclioglu joins us to review Rob Schrab’s indy favourite. Continue Reading

Ghost Rider TV Show Intro

Posted on 24 May 2012 by GI Jolie

The long lost opening credits from the hit 1970s TV show have been discovered Continue Reading

Animal Man Vol. 1 – The Hunt

Posted on 08 May 2012 by GI Jolie

Marshall and the boys weigh in on Animal Man and the importance of origin stories … Continue Reading

Wonder Woman – Vol. 1: Blood

Posted on 04 May 2012 by GI Jolie

A video review of Wonder Woman Vol.1: Blood by Azzarello and Chiang. Continue Reading

Comic Book Syndicate #1

Posted on 04 May 2012 by GI Jolie

The REBOOTED Comic Book Syndicate begins here! Continue Reading

The Syndicate …REBOOTED!

Posted on 23 March 2012 by Admin

Season 4 down. Where to go next? Looks like it’s time for a reboot! Continue Reading

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