CAPTAIN AMERICA: Frank Grillo Confirmed to be Crossbones

Posted on 30 October 2012 by Admin

The lastest casting news for Captain America: Winter Soldier!


Last week, actor Frank Grillo Tweeted about meeting with Marvel for something Captain America related. There was speculation that the actor would portray Crossbones in the Captain America sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and this week rumours were confirmed by Marc Graser from Variety down below:

This was followed by an announcement and confirmation by Grillo on his Twitter feed that he is “happy to join the cast” of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

This is surely a step up for the sequel in using Crossbones. He has been quite the headache for Cap in the comics and will make a worthy adversary on film. Crossbones is one of the key villains in Captain America’s rogues gallery whose character debuted in 1989. In his real identity as Brock Rumlow he is the leader of the Savage Crims gang in New York’s lower East Side. He then joins a school for criminals and later becomes a henchman for the Red Skull –codename, Crossbones. 

Earlier in his career, Frank Grillo was known for his role in day-time TV’s The Guiding Light but he is no stranger to high action. His name pops up in the credits for many-a-police procedural on TV (CSI:NY, Law and Order:SVU) and his more recent forays into film (The Grey, Warrior, Gangster Squad) give us hope that they made a great choice! Hopefully, the story line for Winter Soldier will be just as good as the cast!

Source- @MarcGraser