Posted on 16 November 2012 by GI Jolie

A clever creator-owned title, with incentives! Find out more about the Campaign after the jump!

Creator Douglas Paszkiewicz is a well oiled, one man operation from start to grueling finish. Yes. Right down to printing and shipping, Douglas takes care of it all. In this case ‘it all’ is his completely creator-owned Arsenic Lullaby. To get a feel for the artist and what to expect, take a look at the video below and try to have a sense of humour, okay?

As mentioned, the Kickstarter was created to benefit the colouring, printing, and distribution of the latest installment of Arsenic Lullaby, “The Last Stall” and with six days to go there is absolutely NO reason for you not to throw all/some/most of your money at this project.

douglas paszkiewicz

Though it has been fully funded, there are still TONS of great incentives to collect including an all travel-expenses paid trip to San Diego Comic Con next year! Just head on over to the page and check out all the goodies you can snap up along the side of the page.  $20 is NOTHING for a variant covered copy of the book + sketch. NOTHING. (Pay close attention and read the fine print, some pledge incentives are only available to US residents)

(Go to the KICKSTARTER page NOW to donate!)


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