ARROW: Seth Gabel to Play Villain

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Admin

The Fringe star will be playing Green Arrow’s next big nemesis. Click the jump to read more.

The next big named villain to make their appearance on the CW TV series, Arrow will be Count Vertigo!

The character will be played by Seth Gabel who current plays universal-jumper, Lincoln Lee on Fringe. Since this year will be the last season for Fringe  this role is great news for Gable who we hope will feel right at home as the next Arrow villain. As always, there is a twist! Gabel’s character will, like other characters on the show, not be called by his comic book name and what this name could be will be announced later in the season. What we do know is that Gabel’s villainous character sells a drug called Vertigo. So in that respect there is nod to the character.

JLA panel

Some of you might be confused as to why this character will not be named Count Vertigo. So we’re going to blame Batman for this one; Christopher Nolan’s realistic treatment of the characters in the The Dark Knight Trilogy, have irrevocably changed the way our comic book heroes will be adapted for the screen. Much like what Alan Moore’s Watchmen did for the genre so may years ago. You can count on this trend continuing as Arrow has followed suit by making these characters appear to be more a part of the real world. There are name changes, costume changes, and character changes to show how these characters can be presented more realistically; Seth Gabel’s character is a huge drug lord in Arrow, instead of being just an unusual guy who walks around in a high collard cape hypnotizing people.

We can’t wait to see how Gabel plays it!