ARROW S1E20 – “Home Invasion”

Posted on 09 May 2013 by GI Jolie

A recap and review of Episode 20! Plus a bonus photo gallery!

Recap: In the midst of crossing yet another foe off of Diggle’s list, a young boy becomes the target of an unrelenting hitman. (J August Richards) The boy finds himself under protective custody with Laurel forcing Ollie to choose between friendship and love yet again.

G.I. Jolie: “Home Invasion” is the most coherent, well-written episode of the season. Period. My usually qualms with the inclusion of side character stories are also put to rest, as Thea and her Glades boyfriend actually had a reason to make an appearance, as short as it was. Initially I believed that Ollie’s nickname for Thea (Speedy) was setting us up for a TV-land gender bending sidekick, but with Roy Harper’s misbehaving ways in this episode, and his strong new allegiance to The Hood, it’s clear who they’re grooming for the role. Finally, a side plot that makes sense.

Hell, even TOMMY was a welcome refresher! I actually feel bad for the guy. Since Tommy’s decision to quit the club and work for his father, Malcolm Merlyn his character seems to actually have direction. I still think his hate for The Hood is misplaced and petty even AFTER having found out it was his best friend, but now it makes sense where in the beginning it was asinine. It’s heartbreaking now. In order to accept it, he has to give up his best friend, and the women he loves. Tragedy.