ARROW: 1st look at Huntress & Firefly Confirmed

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UPDATE!!! See a glimpse of Huntress & find out who is cast as Firefly on Arrow. Click the jump to see.

I think I just fell in love with Huntress again.

Since the relaunch with The New 52’s for DC Comics, Huntress hasn’t been doing so well as a character nor was she redesigned. Since Arrow will be using her character in the series, I was hoping that her costume design would be revamped and THANK GOD IT IS!


UPDATE: Since the release of the leaked image Entertainment Weekly has finally graced us with a clearer photo of Huntress. I guess they wanted to know just how rabid Arrow fans were, and they got their answer. Here is our reward:

I am a huge Huntress fan and she looks totally more bad ass. Australian actress, Jessica de Gouw will be playing Helena/Huntress and will appear in Episode 7 – “Muse Of Fire”. This episode which introduces the character is co-written by famed comic book writer, Geoff Johns (Justice League, Green Lantern, Batman: Earth One) and will air on November 28th.  This version of Huntress faintly resembles Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises and SPOILER ALERT for those who don’t know, Huntress is Catwoman’s daughter from another parallel universe, EARTH 2 to be more specific. [Ed. note: Originally she was created as Catwoman and Batman’s daughter, Helena Wayne in the comics, but her backstory has since been rewritten, then rewritten again… and again… and again… and again… 🙂] I am totally digging Huntress using a crossbow. It is definitely a fangirl, I mean fanboy nod to the character.


Rumors have also been flying around that Garfield Lynns aka Firefly was set to appear in a future episode of Arrow as well. These rumors were confirmed today after Arrow was picked up for a full season.

Andrew Dunbar is Firefly

Firefly is part of Batman’s ‘gallery’ of ‘rogues’ and it seems that he will be part of the Green Arrow’s soon enough. You should expect to see this character appear in the 10th episode of Arrow called “Burned.” The episode will premiere in early 2013 but for now here a story line for that episode:

 A firefighter named Garfield Lynns is horribly burned on the job three years ago and never recovered, mentally or physically, and transforms into a villain.

More or less this story line will be portrayed in a more realistic way. I mean you really can’t get anymore realistic than a guy who suffers from an accidental trauma. However in my opinion, Arrow has not gotten better with their representation of villains’ costumes. Hopefully, they will try to make Firefly’s costume less bug-looking. This is Arrow’s chance to get really creative in a more realistic fashion; They’ve already been successful with Ollie’s hooded archer look, and with Firefly could really go less comic-booky. Still, they might disappoint.

One last comment on the actor who will be playing Firefly, Andrew Dunbar. He is gorgeous isn’t he? I mean if his face was accidentally burned, I do believe he would become a villain. Look how pretty his face is. I would become a villain too if my pretty face was burned off.


Source- Entertainment Weekly
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