ARROW: Gets A Full Season Pickup

Posted on 22 October 2012 by Admin

Arrow gets picked up for more episodes. Click the jump to see how many.

According to a tweet by Stephen Amell, he announced this on his Twitter: 

It’s true! That is a lovely way to start off our Monday. Arrow has made The CW very happy by keeping such high ratings from its first week to its second week. Arrow‘s first season was supposed to be 12 episodes and now they have 22 episodes.  12 episodes are standard for some first seasons, which shows that The CW really wanted to see if Arrow was worth all the trouble. Unlike Superman and Batman, Green Arrow is recognized, but is not the top runner in the DC Comics Universe. Since The CW has taken Green Arrow and made him into a more realistic darker character inspired by Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight Trilogy. It seems that audiences can now relate to Green Arrow, especially if you put a hot body and a cute face under the green hood. You have a winning series!

I just hope that this full season pickup might push the show to revamping their villains’ appearances. No offense but Deathstroke looks like an assassin who puts on a mask for ‘shock’ value.

Lone Gunman Episode
In this photo, Deadshot looks like a steampunk villain! (Again, no offense.) Both characters are the two of the best anti-heroes as well as top contenders against superheroes such as Batman. I just wish that the Producers would have taken a little bit more time in making their villains look more like, well, villains. Instead of putting a mask here, an eye piece there, and a wig on a woman while calling those characters actual villains. Basically, they seem more like life size GI Joe guys. Sorry. I truly take a lot of pride in the aesthetics of onscreen characters. Maybe next season, Deadshot might get a better eye piece that looks more menacing. For now, we’ll take what we can get …another live action superhero who is not Batman or Superman.

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Source- @amellywood