Aquaman #0 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Posted on 28 September 2012 by Admin

Follow Arthur Curry in this prequel adventure, before his life in the ocean. Read Will’s review now!

Aquaman full colour cover Aquaman #0
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis &
Joe Prado


In this issue we are given a further glimpse into Arthur Curry’s humble beginnings. Geoff Johns plants the seeds of a distraught young man who doesn’t belong on the surface. His story begins with him making a promise to his father that will change his life forever. Saddened by his father’s recent passing, he closes himself off from a world that treats him like a freak, eventually leaving in search of his mother and Atlantis.

In these opening moments you realize the dynamic potential Aqauman has for the silver screen. Geoff has turned Aquaman into the kind of world weary hero that would give Bruce Banner a run for his money. He saves people simply because they need to be saved not because he thinks himself to be a hero.

Arthur Curry

After saving a father and daughter from a fatal collision with a rock, he searches for a man named Vulko. He discovers Vulko at a fishing village on the coast of Norway. Vulko informs him that his mother was allegedly killed by his half brother and that he must save Atlantis by taking throne. They begin their travels deep in the ocean making Arthur finally feel at home.

Aquaman #0 is a great example of why the number zero concept can feel unsatisfying. As marvelous as it is in giving us more incite into the world of Aquaman it feels like an unfinished story. Maybe Geoff Johns plans to continue this story as a backup to present day Aquaman stories but that would seem a little haphazard. I hope they find a way to continue this great story that makes sense. Possibly the best option would be to use it as the following story arc after “The Others” is finished.

Aquaman has continued to impress me in how Ivan and Rod Reis are able compliment the artwork and colors. I especially look forward to Aquaman for the vivid underwater scenes, that these artists provide us. Particularly the shark scene in this issue that demonstrates Arthur’s vulnerability. Overall it was a great issue, it just might be a while before we are given the complete story.

Rating: 4.8/5