Marvel’s ‘AGENT M’ is Killing S.H.I.E.L.D!

Posted on 29 January 2013 by GI Jolie

So stop it already! Click here to see what all the fuss is about!

Marvel Entertainment has unleashed a new hell open its unsuspecting fans, and I’d wager even the comics of Marvel NOW! can stand up to the scrutiny a lot better!

On January 24th, via Youtube [in yet another brilliant Marketing move] Marvel’s channel began releasing ‘real’ behind the scenes footage from the set of S.H.I.E.L.D. Currently Joss Whedon is busy filming the pilot. Here’s the first one:

The videos follow Agent M- a.k.a. Ryan Penagos aka Executive Editorial Director of Marvel’s Digital Media Group. So, it is probably his job to think up ‘viral’ video campaigns to get the internet world buzzing. It makes total sense and BTS set visits are a GREAT idea since the excitement surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D, and Joss Whedon’s return to the small screen are so highly anticipated.

Secret Video Number 2:

Wow. I haven’t seen a super-sleuth this uncanny since Nancy Drew. -_-*
Even the framing is a little off, leading us to believe that that Blue coat in the background could be of some significance, but it probably isn’t.

Oh, I get it. The secret is that he’s actually a comedian?!? I wonder if his title is a joke too.
Nevermind, it’s probably right. Executive Editorial Director sounds pretty unfunny to me. Oh, and don’t bother pause/start/pause/start-ing the playback during the pan down to the ‘chocolate bucket’. There’s no Easter Eggs. Just more paint –er, chocolate. *groan*

The further down the rabbit hole we go… and there’s still no redemption.

Finally, some of the set, but there’s something more annoying going on here than the miniscule peak Marvel has provided. Why this Agent M insists on “making this quick” because “people are watching him” is getting absurd and frankly, a little insulting.
CLEARLY your camera is framed and on a tripod, there’s nothing unforgivable about the sound quality, and your lighting, Agent M –is PERFECT. The jig is up!

Here’s the last of the schlock they gave us yesterday:

Let’s hope this is the end of that. Thanks for nothing, Marvel. NOTHING!

Better ideas to consider:

1) Pretend to leak on-set, footage from a rogue ‘crew’ member. You can do it all shaky cam and sometimes show other people on the cast and crew. Then have the world ‘find out’ that the footage leaked was part of a marketing campaign. Fans would be upset but would eventually forgive you for showing us ACTUAL secret footage from our new favourite show!

2) Have a crew member keep a video diary, or some kind of account fans can follow. Does he/she paint rocks or pull cable on the set? Have THEM talk about it, because ANYTHING else would have been more interesting then this campaign. Maybe after the show gets picked up you could delegate the task to a random cast member. They don’t have to be big (or maybe they could be and we just don’t know it yet) but they do have to be like, OH! Stephen Amell! –Hey Marvel, have you seen the man’s Facebook Page? Not only does he provide fans with a behind the scenes look at himself AND the show, he also doesn’t lie! He takes part in thread discussions, he apologizes often and when necessary, he Instagrams fellow cast members AND random parkour moments, and he’s got a cute little dog!

PLEASE respond in the comments below with BETTER VIRAL MARKETING ideas YOU think Marvel should consider instead!

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