Action Comics #10 (review)

Posted on 11 June 2012 by Mike-EL

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Grant Morrison continues his brilliant restoration of the Superman legend in the latest issue of Action Comics. State-of-the-art storytelling introduces a new villain named ‘Nimrod’ whose brief introduction paves the way for issues to come.
As with all recent Morrison stories, the pace is rapid fire; we’re treated to a new character named ‘Adam’, the fate of the Kent farm, some Siegel/Shuster-esque action, a surprise development in the Daily Planet sub-plot and a brief glimpse into the re-imagined early days of the Justice League. Rags Morales’ inconsistent art has picked up this issue and its delightful to see his version of the (revised) Big Seven, especially Wonder Woman.

Its the ‘Justice League’ scene that proves the most interesting. Similar to the Justice League cameos in Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING series, the 3 pages depicted here offer more insight and character development than the first 9 issues of Geoff Johns & Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE combined.

“One of these days, we’ll ALL have to go after him.”

Do Batman’s final words hint at Morrison’s 1990s ‘JLA’ series, or do they foreshadow an upcoming storyline in ACTION? Either way, chills are sent up one’s spine.

Action Comics #10

Superman meets with the rebooted Justice League, by Rags Morales

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