About us

The Comic Book Syndicate is a TV show & web series all about comics. Featuring roundtable reviews and debates, creator interviews, comedy skits and other tomfoolery, The Syndicate’s mission is to get comics into the hands of every man, woman and child on earth. They just want everyone to be superfriends.

The Comic Book Syndicate began as a video podcast on Youtube in 2007 and has since developed into a half hour television program that broadcasts through TVCogeco in Windsor/Leamington & Niagra Falls and on ‘Cogeco OnDemand’. The show can also be seen on some local cable access channels in Michigan.

The Comic Book Syndicate is currently in it’s fifth season.


Comic Books Reviews:

Daniele Palanca (Danny Boy)
George Rizok (J’orge R’zok)
Michael Poirier (Mike-EL)

Movie Reviews:

Maggie Yoell (Maggie-Neato)
G.I.Jolie (Jolie Inthavong)
Kev-N (Kevin Morse


Al Marcotte

Jolie Inthavong – Co-Producer, Photography, Media and Marketing
Jarrod Ferris – Camera Operator
Kyle Van Dongen – Camera Operator
Kyle Archibald – Camera Operator, Photography
J.O. McCarthy – Sound Engineer
Shawn Poirier – Boom Sound
Sean Tighe – Exiled on Main Street

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