6 Years Ago Today: The Death of Captain America!

Posted on 07 March 2013 by Mike-EL

It’s been six years since Captain America “died”, and comic book death is still utterly meaningless!

Take a trip down memory lane to view the first EVER skit from the Comic Book Syndicate. It was March 2007 and we were up in arms then as we are now at the brain-dead marketing decision that leaked the death of Cap before the issue hit the stands (continued…)

Six years later, Marvel and DC continue to spoil their stories with pointless press releases that tell the non-comics buying public about their plot twists before their loyal fan base are given the chance to read their comics.

What is the logic? It is said that the sales spike, but since every one of those issues would sell out even aftercomics fans read it first (since they would, you know…tell people the character had died), this theory is groundless.

In fact, what it says is that Marvel & DC treat their ‘intellectual properties’ with as much reverence as Michael Vick treats canines. Superheroes are just toys to be put through the soap opera hamster wheel of cliche plotlines: affairs, comas, clones and fake deaths. The mainstream gets nostalgic for their childhood heroes,’invest’ in worthless paper and publishers (and the slimier of comcis dealers) clean up on ‘collector’ issues; the North American comic book industry stagnates in its low lying position on the pop culture totem pole, somewhere below professional wrestling and above hard core porn (and that’s debatable).

That being said, the issue of Captain American in question was part of an excellent run written by Ed Brubaker, who has proven to be among best Cap scribes in the character’s 75 year history (even if he did peak in his first year).

So, do the public a favour and dissuade them from investing a single penny in the next fake-death media stunt. Superman, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Spider-Man, Robin…they all come back, and its all for nothing. Ignore the hype and just enjoy this issue for what it is: a good story…printed on worthless white paper.