5 of the Coolest ‘Comic Book’ Fathers

Posted on 17 June 2012 by GI Jolie

Comic Book Syndicate co-host, Mike-El gives his top 5 picks (in no particular order) for Father of the Year in this years Comic Book Syndicate Father’s Day Special. It’s a pretty impressive line-up so check it out!

Originally posted on June 17, 2012.

Car Named After Jor-ElJor-El
Father of Superman aka Clark Kent and famed Kryptonian scientist. He invented every scientific invention ever created on Krypton. EVER. Jor-El has a lot of notches on his otherworldly belt; He created this happy car pictured to the left called the “Jor-El” for example. Other achievements include the creation of the space program and oh, The Phantom Zone. A man of many talents and achievements indeed.
Thomas Wayne Bat SuitThomas Wayne
First introduced in Detective Comics #33, his appearance did not last for long as both he and Martha Wayne (Spoiler Alert?) don’t make it out of that issue alive. Thomas Wayne is notable for his work as an astounding surgeon and philanthropist. Wayne Sr. also designed the original ‘Batman’ suit.

It looked like crap, but whatever.
Corsair and Cylcops Corsair
As his alter ego, he is also known as Major Christopher Summers. A military hero and a great father to two MARVELous sons we found out that “he IS the father” in Uncanny X-men #154. One son becomes Cyclops, the other becomes Havok.

Obviously he was ashamed of HIS career choice –leading the Starjammers.
Norman Osborn's HairNorman Osborn
Another scientist and famed (sort of) crazy guy, Norman Osborn is best known for his alter ego as The Green Goblin. His single, greatest gift to his son?

A hairstyle that cannot be reproduced by modern science.
Norse God OdinOdin
Last but certainly not least is the Norse Legend himself. Adapted from mythology by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Odin Borson rounds out this paternal celebration as the first father to make an anatomical sacrifice… all in the name of wisdom!

Odin is also the first character ever to represent the visible minority group called ‘Sammy Davis Jr.’

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