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SyndiCon 2015 – Photo Album

Posted on 30 August 2015 by Mike-EL

A picture parade of all of our vendors, writers & artists! Continue Reading

SyndiCon 2015 – video tour

Posted on 28 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Highlight reel of the many writers, artist & vendors at the first SyndiCon! Continue Reading

Seconds by Brian Lee O’Malley

Posted on 26 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Audio review by the Nerdy Book Club! Continue Reading

Classic Weekly Reviews – Daytripper, Marvel Boy, S.W.O.R.D.

Posted on 25 August 2015 by Mike-EL

From the depths of J’orge’s apartment, a classic episode with Michelle, Erika & G.I.Jolie. Continue Reading

SyndiCon Cosplay Contest

Posted on 20 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Watch the complete video here! Continue Reading

The Wicked + The Divine (audio review)

Posted on 19 August 2015 by Mike-EL

The Windsor Comic Book Club reconvenes for another fun-filled audio podcast! Continue Reading

Jay Fosgitt interview

Posted on 13 August 2015 by Mike-EL

…on Bodie Troll, My Little Pony & his dream project! Continue Reading

Mike-EL talks SyndiCon 2015

Posted on 11 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Mike-EL is interviewed by Urban Grind Media about the Comic Book SyndiCon! Continue Reading

Fantastic Four – 2015 (movie review)

Posted on 10 August 2015 by Mike-EL

What the Fox happened to the Fantastic Four? Continue Reading

Comic Book SyndiCon – 30 second TV ad

Posted on 09 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Everything you need to know about the World’s Funnest Comic Book Convention! Continue Reading

Fantastic Four – The Inhumans Saga (part 2)

Posted on 06 August 2015 by Mike-EL

The art of Jack “King” Kirby! In-depth analysis of the World’s Greatest Superhero Artist. Continue Reading

Fantastic Four – The Inhumans Saga (part 1)

Posted on 03 August 2015 by Mike-EL

Part 1 of our in-depth review of Lee & Kirby’s classic tale! Continue Reading

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