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The Walking Dead (comic review)

Posted on 31 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Which is better: the comic book or the TV show? Continue Reading

The Roundtable Returns!

Posted on 29 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Danny-Boy, J’orge R’zok & Mike-EL come together for another season of tomfoolery! Continue Reading

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Posted on 27 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Classic Marvel Horror from the 1970s! Continue Reading

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Classic Ghost Rider review!

Posted on 24 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The 1970s Ghost Rider is reviewed from the Catacomb of Costumed Champions! Continue Reading

Classic Halloween Special!

Posted on 22 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Father Guido Sarducci, Two-Face, Skrull-Spider-Man & Commissioner Gordon are joined by the Inedibles! Continue Reading

Nerdy Book Club – Batwoman

Posted on 19 October 2014 by Mike-EL

‘Elegy’ by Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams III is reviewed by the fun folks from Ferndale! Continue Reading

DC’s New 52 + Ant Lucia

Posted on 17 October 2014 by Mike-EL

A look back at our initial reactions of DC’s big reboot. Plus, the man behind DC’s bombshell covers! Continue Reading

James Marsters Q & A

Posted on 15 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The actor famous for playing ‘Spike’ in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel appears at the Fan Expo in Toronto! Continue Reading

Arvell Jones interview

Posted on 13 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The artist whose work includes All-Star Squadron, Kobalt & Iron Man chats with the Syndicate! Continue Reading

Season Premiere taping at Phog Lounge!

Posted on 12 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Check out the photos from our big season 8 premiere episode! Continue Reading

Are eComics replacing print comics ? Plus, Agnes Garbowska interview!

Posted on 11 October 2014 by Mike-EL

The Syndicate are slow to change, but eComics ever completely replace the classic floppies? Continue Reading

Why cancelling Milo Minara’s Spider-Woman cover is worse than publishing it

Posted on 07 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Mike-EL and Tim Girard weigh in on the controversy. Continue Reading

The problem with #1.1s

Posted on 01 October 2014 by Mike-EL

If our headline makes no sense, then neither do the numbering systems at Marvel & DC. Continue Reading

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