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SECRET AVENGERS #37 by Remender & Scalera

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

A review of Rick Remender’s final issue of Secret Avengers… Continue Reading


Hawkeye #8 by Fraction, Aja & Wu

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Hawkeye spends time in his natural habitat, a strip club! Continue Reading


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #0.1 by Bendis & McNiven

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Marvel has released what I believe is the most important Marvel Now! book yet, check out the review to see if it’s any good. Continue Reading

Nolan+Bale Return in Justice League?

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

The buzz on Nolan and Bale coming back for DC’s biggest project! Continue Reading

Agnes Garbowksa talks kids comics

Posted on 09 March 2013 by Mike-EL

Are there any comics left for kids? What would you let your kids read? Continue Reading

6 Years Ago Today: The Death of Captain America!

Posted on 07 March 2013 by Mike-EL

It’s been six years since Captain America “died”, and comic book death is still utterly meaningless! Continue Reading

Yanick Paquette discusses Swamp Thing

Posted on 06 March 2013 by Mike-EL

J’orge parle avec Yanick Paquette…en fran├žais! Continue Reading

Chris Sprouse on STAR WARS & TOM STRONG

Posted on 04 March 2013 by Mike-EL

Master craftsman Chris Sprouse chats with the man called Mike-EL! Continue Reading

Jeff Lemire discusses Animal Man

Posted on 02 March 2013 by Mike-EL

Red hot writer/artist Jeff Lemire chats with J’orge about The Man With Animal Powers! Continue Reading

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