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NEW AVENGERS #2 by Hickman and Epting

Posted on 17 January 2013 by Admin

Check out what’s been happening with the NEW team! Continue Reading


Posted on 16 January 2013 by Admin

Do we really need ANOTHER Wolverine title? Find out if it’s any good… Continue Reading

VENOM #30 by Bunn, Silas & Robinson

Posted on 16 January 2013 by Admin

Read our review of the issue #30 RIGHT NOW! Continue Reading

‘Drink and Draw’ Comes to Windsor

Posted on 14 January 2013 by Mike-EL

Windsor, Ontario joins the list of cities featuring this social gathering of artists! Continue Reading

Happy Birthday G.I.Jolie!

Posted on 11 January 2013 by Mike-EL

Today is Syndicate Producer G.I.Jolie’s Birthday! Continue Reading

Mike Michalski speaks!

Posted on 09 January 2013 by Mike-EL

The man with the plan talks all things Christmas Con! Continue Reading


Posted on 07 January 2013 by Mike-EL

Watch the entire costume contest from ‘A Merry Comic Book Christmas Con’ right here! Continue Reading

The Curmudgeon Meets R2-D2!

Posted on 05 January 2013 by Mike-EL

Al Marcotte interviews everyone’s favourite droid! Continue Reading

Why Amazing Spider-man #700 FAILS

Posted on 04 January 2013 by Mike-EL

“This is why the outside world laughs at us. This is ****” Continue Reading

Cartoonist APRIL FAWLER chats with Danny-Boy!

Posted on 03 January 2013 by Mike-EL

Local artist April Fawler discusses her tear-inducing experiences at comic conventions! Continue Reading

METALLICLAUS Invades Detroit Comics!

Posted on 01 January 2013 by Mike-EL

He was born on the south side of the North Pole… in a crossfire hurricane! Continue Reading

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