12 Days of Christmas, #6 – John Buscema

Posted on 19 December 2016 by Admin

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John Buscema is a legend. Probably best known as the man who wrote (actually drew) the book on superheroes: How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. Although based on the pioneering work of Jack Kirby, Buscema’s insights into what make superhero comics tick is eye-opening.

His legendary runs on Avengers, Silver Surfer and Thor still stand as pinnacles of graphic storytelling. Among the pantheon of Silver Age Marvel artists, Buscema’s work was the most grounded. Legend has it that his warm-up sketches on the back of his comic pages were better than most penciller’s finished work.

Still a prolific artist late into his career in the 1980s, Buscema drew the first 14 issues of Wolverine’s solo series, achieving a grace and realism lost by subsequent pencillers.

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